2021 Summer Events

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NPSAS will be hosting a number of events this summer. Please join us!


New Roots Farm Incubator & Doubting Thomas Farm Tours 

Moorhead, MN 

The afternoon begins with a look at the New Roots Farm Incubator, an innovative project sponsored by NPSAS that gives beginning farmers, many of whom are immigrants, the resources and land to start farming on a small scale. The tour continues at Doubting Thomas Farm, where soil health, cover crops, and hands-on learning will be discussed. 

2–4 PM: Tour of New Roots, 5119 40th St. N., Moorhead, MN. Directions: From I-94, take exit 2B. Turn right (north) onto 34th Street/I-94 Business Loop. Go about 4 miles. Turn right (east) onto County Road 31 and go half a mile. Turn left (north) onto 40th Street almost 2 miles; New Roots will be on the left. 

6–8 PM: Tour of Doubting Thomas Farm, 12506 20th St. N., Moorhead, MN. Directions: Take US 75 North out of Moorhead for 10 miles. Take a right on 130th Avenue and then take the first right onto 20th Street. 


Carrington Research Extension Center Annual Field Day & Cows & Co. Creamery Tour 

Carrington, ND 

Review research work underway at the CREC, including plots of nitrogen-fixing corn that are part of NPSAS’s work with the Mandaamin Institute. Then stop by Cows & Co. Creamery, the source of Duchessa Gelato, to hear about this woman-led value-added venture. Tour includes gelato and cheese tasting ($5/person). 

9 AM–NOON: Tour of Carrington Research Center, 663 Hwy 281 N., Carrington, ND. Directions: 3.5 miles north of Carrington, ND, on Hwy 281. Westside. Watch for signs. 

1 PM: Tour of Cows & Co. Creamery, 7321 1st Street NE, Carrington, ND. Directions: From U.S. Hwy 281, go east on Hwy 200 for 7 miles. Go south on 74th Avenue for 2 miles. Turn right (west) onto 1st Street NE. 


Winona’s Hemp Farm Tour 

Osage, MN 

Winona’s Hemp Farm is growing hope and the next economy. In the future we will grow hemp, we will have a hemp thread mill, and one day we will have a fabric mill. We see the path ahead, it is green and full of life. Join us this summer to learn about the exciting projects on this farm. 

TBD: Tour of Winona’s Hemp Farm, 46064 Co Hwy 39, Osage, MN. Directions: From Detroit Lakes, go 21 miles east on MN-34 E. Turn left (north) onto Hwy 39 and go 4 miles. 


Steve Enger Farms Tour 

Hatton, ND 

Highlights of this tour hosted by Steve and Dorothy Enger will include organic strip-till corn in alfalfa, a composting operation, and full-season cover crops as a transition to organic certification. The Engers are experimenting with strip-till corn in alfalfa to minimize soil disturbance, cycle nitrogen, and provide weed management, a study that is funded by an NCR SARE grant. Hal Weiser of NRCS will also present. 

1–4 PM: Tour of Steve Enger Farms, 1580 140th Ave. NE, Hatton, ND, Hatton, ND. Directions: 5 miles west of Hatton on County Rd #23 (paved), 3/4 mile north on County Road #12 (gravel) past Goose River Lutheran Church, and 1/4 mile east. 


Horizon Hemp Seeds Tour 

Willow Lake, SD 

Enjoy a tour of Horizon Hemp Seeds’ 200+ acre personal Certified Hemp Seed Fields. This day will include presentations from individuals in the field along with opportunities to walk fields and get hands-on with the plants. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to get into the industry and also for folks that want to start to learn about the crop. We will also discuss markets along with the planting and harvest of the crop. 

NOON: Tour starts at the Derrick Dohmann farm. Directions: From Willow Lake, go 3 miles east on Hwy 28. 


Keya Wakpala Gardens Farm Tour 

Mission, SD 

Our goal is to make connections by increasing our outreach to the SD Farmer Network and other food-based organizations across the region. The morning session, 10 am-noon, will consist of a farm tour and a working session activity (TBA). 1–4 pm will be our open house/tour. We ask that everyone wear a mask and practice social distancing. 

10 AM–4 PM: Tour of Keya Wakpala Gardens, Rosebud, SD. Directions: 1/4 mile west of Mission, SD, on HWY 18. Behind Turtle Crossing Superfoods. 

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Other Summer Events of Interest


Johnson Farms Tour 

Sponsored by MOSES 

Madison, SD 

NPSAS members Charlie, Allan, Kevin, Jordan, and Aaron Johnson will share insights from their 45 years of organic grain farming. Melanie Caffe will review SDSU’s organic oats variety trials underway at Johnson Farms. Tracy Rosenberg, who custom grazes cow-calf pairs near Marvin, SD, will speak about grassland restoration. Learn more and register: http://bit.ly/JohnsonFarmsTour2021 

8:30 AM–1 PM: Presentations begin at St. Peter on the Prairie, 24311 452nd Ave. Directions: From US Hwy 81 in Madison: Go south on SD-34. In one mile, it becomes Hwy 35. Continue south for 7 more miles. Turn right (west) onto Hwy 52. Go 2 miles. Turn left (south) onto Hwy 39. In 2 miles, St. Peter will be on the left. 

June 22–24: West River Grazing School, Wall, SD; www.sdsoilhealthcoalition.org/events 

June 22–24: Soil Health Academy Dairy School, Cold Spring, MN; soilhealthacademy.org 

June 24: Silvopasture Field Day and Workshop, Mankato, MN; www.sfa-mn.org (click on “events”) 

June 24: Tour at Brad Sand’s Ranch, Ellendale, ND; https://ndglc.wildapricot.org/event-4291774 

June 30: Levi & Crystal Neuharth – Leopold Conservation Award Tour; www.sdgrass.org 

June 30: Soil Health Field Day, Stephen, MN; www.sfa-mn.org (click on “events”) 

July 13-16: Ranch Management School for Young Adults, Edgemont, SD; www.sdgrass.org (click on “events”) 

July 13: Hollister Farm Bale Grazing Followup Tour, Brainerd, MN; www.sfa-mn.org (click on “events”) 

July 14: Soil Health Field Day, Moorhead, MN; www.sfa-mn.org (click on “events”) 

August 10: Pasture Walk – Cooper Gordon Ranch, Tulare, SD; www.sdgrass.org (click on “events”) 

August 11–13: East River Grazing School, Marvin, SD; www.sdgrass.org (click on “events”) 



More events will be listed in the summer Germinator.