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Building a healthy land…

In order to provide healthy food, we must first provide healthy soils — from the ground up.
NPSAS promotes educational opportunities for farming practices that help decrease soil erosion,
increase soil fertility, reduce the need for off-farm inputs, protect natural resources and encourage a diverse landscape.

Building a healthy people…

NPSAS works with growers to increase the availability of fresh produce, quality grain products and farm-fresh animal products.
We link concerned consumers with growers who market these foods.

Cows grazing in field


Building a connection…

  • NPSAS programs are built on a community network of farmers, ranchers, businesses, technical assistance providers and consumers.
  • We provide networking, coordination of support, information and education.
  • We offer peer-to-peer opportunities to brainstorm ideas and learn from other like-minded growers.
  • NPSAS is creating a sustainable food system that brings together farmers, gardeners, educators, and local food lovers, as we all have a stake in ensuring agriculture has a healthy future.
  • Forming alliances enhances our message on local, state and federal policy.  We can make a greater difference when we combine efforts on critical rural issues.

Sunflower field in bloom


Building a healthy future…

  • NPSAS advocates for farming practices that benefit the environment and human health.
  • NPSAS works directly with farmers to encourage better care of the land by increasing perennial crops, reducing chemical use and developing environmentally beneficial livestock systems.
  • Revitalize our agricultural heritage by meeting the challenge to make a connection to the source of your food, the land and the grower.
  • Make your future a healthy one.
  • Make your life a history of eating well.