Sunflower field in bloom

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society (NPSAS) is a nonprofit, member-based organization that promotes sustainable food systems through education and research. Members are located primarily in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana, as well as neighboring states of Iowa, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

NPSAS provides valuable information and resources through a variety of educational opportunities.

  • An important component of our education and outreach is the NPSAS Annual Winter Conference, a three-day event featuring pre-conference workshops, keynotes, workshop sessions and 50+ trade show vendors. 
  • Summer Field Days – Farm Tour are held during the growing season touring an actual farm. NPSAS events concentrate on utilizing member farmers’ knowledge and expertise. 
  • Consumer health seminar. Educate consumers on the health risks of modern farming methods on our health.
  • Quarterly newsletter- consisting of research, industry news, new educational resources, articles written by member producers, organizational news, events, marketing resources, and more. 
  • NPSAS also offers many resources through our website, such as ‘how-to videos and links.

The NPSAS Farm Breeding Club conducts research to share findings with others.